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Confirmed smokers

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health paper reports the results of an online survey of 650 smokers in contact with a smokers’ rights group in the UK.

Marijuana legalization bill in Vermont is defeated

Even though Governor Scott originally vetoed this legislation, the state legislature convened to hold a special session, threatening to pass a new version of the marijuana legalization bill. It didn’t work. “This is a tremendous victory for public health and safety,” SAM President Kevin

Missouri attorney general sues 3 drug companies over state’s opioid crisis

Other states have also sued pharmaceutical companies over the opioid crisis, starting with Mississippi in 2015.

Body image for teens is linked to alcohol, tobacco use

University of Missouri’s School of Social Work found negative body image also is associated not only with eating disorders (in earlier research) but also with increased tobacco and alcohol use, for both young men and women.

Chris Christie’s Opioid Commission and the future of the ACA

The NewYorker is the latest to comment on concerns for future drug and alcohol treatment availability.

PTSD: brain circuitry bridges neural and behavioral roles

“These neural-behavioral models account for, and help further explain, many of the peripheral findings in PTSD,” said the University of Michigan. “These models will be valuable roadmaps in examining if certain PTSD-related behaviors have particular chemical roots.”

NYPD says calling 911 during drug overdose won’t lead to arrest

You won’t get into trouble for calling 911 if you or someone you are with is overdosing, the NYPD said yesterday as it unveiled a public service ad campaign to combat opioid abuse.

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