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N Ireland: almost £1million of addiction services lost in past year

“We are operating without a drugs strategy. It lapsed in April and there is no assembly to introduce a new one.”

Prisons struggle to keep up with changes in drug use

Inspection findings were supplemented by fieldwork in 8 prisons in 2014 – responses were seen as insufficiently flexible and dynamic, though treatment had “dramatically” improved. Drug and Alcohol Findings gives an analysis.

Yet another cannabis debate

Newsbeat reporter Jim Connolly asks whether it’s time to change the law on marijuana, the UK’s “most popular illegal drug”.

How sex and love addiction can align with problem gambling

Sex and love addiction share a number of similarities with the issues presented by problem gambling, writes Noel Bell MA, PG Dip Psych, UKCP.

Tobacco giants threaten to ‘undermine’ Ireland’s economy in attempt to block plain-packaging laws

The lengths to which the world’s most powerful tobacco firms went to in order to block legislation are detailed in secret correspondence with EU bosses, exposed by the Irish Independent.

West Virginia agency to use $22million to add addiction treatment

West Virginia’s Department of Health and Human Resources says it will use $22million in settlement money from drug distributors to help address the addiction epidemic in the state.

‘He’s trying to save lives’: the ex-addict judge on the frontline of the opiate crisis

Everyone in Judge Craig Hannah’s opiate-specific court is offered a deal: complete addiction treatment and the charges against them might be reduced.

Binge eating disorder: do I go public or keep it private?

There are celebrities who have spoken publicly about their eating disorder and received warm and encouraging support, Libby Lyons writes.

Almost 92million adults used prescription opioids

Over one-third of the US adult population were past-year users of prescription opioids at least once in 2015, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Potential target for alcohol liver disease

“We showed that alcohol consumption induces FGF21 as a protective response in the liver that reduces the degree of alcohol-induced damage,” said the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, working with the University of Pennsylvania.

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