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Support sky dive for children of alcoholics

Martin Pratt will be sky diving to raise £1,000 for the National Association for Children of Alcoholics – support them all.

Funny people are more intelligent

Given that humour – and dark humour, laughing at our faults – plays such a large role in recovery, the finding by Austrian universities that people with such humours have higher IQs than their less funny peers is interesting: it

People with seasonal affective disorder could be more at risk of becoming alcoholics

Finland’s National Institute for Health and Welfare told Business Insider that family studies suggest that there is a link between alcoholism and SAD, and genetic and environmental factors play a role in both.

33% of teens think it’s legal to drive under the influence of marijuana

A  study conducted by Liberty Mutual Insurance and SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions), reveals that a third of all teens surveyed perceive it to be legal to drive under the influence of marijuana in states where it’s been legalized for recreational use.

Trump must clamp down on marijuana or US is doomed

Were we premature in believing that Donald Trump would put an end to what Barack Obama and George Soros inflicted on this nation in the last 8 years? After 8 months, we still don’t have federal drug policy from the

Boston: pot tax money won’t be used for addiction treatment

Despite statistics showing increased use of marijuana in legalised states, and thus an initial commitment to dedicate $50million from pot taxes to addiction treatment and prevention, the exact funding commitment was dropped in talks with the Senate.

Common DNA variant linked to nicotine dependence

RTI International studied 38,602 smokers and found that a nicotine-dependence gene variant occurs in 44% of Europeans and European Americans, and 77% of African Americans. Rebecca Martinez explains.

Colleges using sober dorms to combat alcohol, drug addiction

As many as 30% of college students are battling substance-use disorders, says Lisa Laitman, director of the Alcohol & Other Drug Assistance Program at Rutgers University in New Jersey.

Inside the $37,000/month rehab ‘lined up to treat Harvey Weinstein for sex addiction’

Harvey Weinstein left Los Angeles for Arizona Wednesday night, with reports saying he was headed to rehab at The Meadows in Wickenburg. Its 45-day Gentle Path treatment program for sex addicts includes horseback riding, yoga, meditation and ‘expressive arts’ as

Trump’s pick to head the Office of National Drug Control Policy has ties to pharma

Tom Marino’s 2016 industry-friendly Ensuring Patient Access and Effective Drug Enforcement Act disarmed the Drug Enforcement Administration in its fight against companies suspected of dispensing excessive amounts of powerful prescription medications, according to the Washington Post and 60 Minutes.

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