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Teens tend to think marijuana use is no big deal, but they’re wrong

Perhaps one reason kids don’t see pot as dangerous is because they know (or think) their parents smoked it. But the average THC (psychoactive ingredient in pot) in marijuana has increased from less than 3-4% in the 1990s, to almost

How to respond when a family member is struggling with addiction

Don’t point fingers, encourage responsibility, enabling vs helping, don’t wait until rock bottom, do work with a professional if you can.

Canada: when legalizing pot, less is more

Whether they approve or not, many observers criticize the lack of details on essential aspects of the Liberal government’s cannabis legalization.

Mapped: countries that smoke most cannabis

To mark 4/20, a day dedicated to smoking marijuana and the anniversary of Hitler’s birthday, the Telegraph mapped the world according to cannabis consumption – the biggest marijuana loving nation is Iceland (percentage not number of people).

20 April 2017

World’s most effective anti-drinking ad

An Australian ad showing alcohol being absorbed into the bloodstream, spreading and causing cancerous cell mutations in the liver, bowel and throat, has been named the world’s most effective at making people reconsider their alcohol intake. Researchers tested 83 English-language

Alcohol Research UK & Alcohol Concern merger: update

Alcohol Policy UK discusses the merger between Alcohol Research UK and Alcohol Concern in light of the many discussions its announcement prompted.

Today is Weed Day: 420

The unofficial celebration is dedicated to marijuana… with Big Pot followers pushing for the harmful drug to be made legal.

Children in pubs

Parliamentary Library Briefing Paper and report looks at alcohol licensing and children.

People talk about what made them stop smoking weed

Smoking weed can be fun, until it’s not. For Weed Week, Vice asked people about the experience that made them want to stop getting high.

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