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Painkiller drug prescriptions in Wales jump up 300%

A sharp rise in strong painkiller prescriptions is partly being driven by inconsistent pain services across Wales, BBC News reports.

Impact of minimum unit pricing and taxation policies in Wales

Report commissioned in June 2017 by the Welsh fovernment uses newly available datasets to update earlier analyses of the potential impact on the population and population subgroups of different levels of minimum unit pricing (MUP) for alcohol in Wales.

European environmental prevention to limit unhealthy, risky substance use behaviours

There is a growing recognition of the important role environmental factors play in health-related behaviour. Traditional substance use prevention approaches in Europe have predominantly focused on warning or informing about the risks of use or on skills-based interventions, EMCDDA reports.

The world’s biggest drinkers meet the EU’s toughest alcohol laws

Alcohol consumption in Lithuania has been higher than in neighbouring countries for several years in a row, so new regulations were expected. However, 2 different opinions on how to tackle alcoholism and alcohol abuse have emerged.

The opioid crisis is draining America’s workforce

There are almost 6million job openings in the US and the unemployment rate, at 4.1%, is at a 17-year low. But the rise in abuse of prescription painkillers, partially responsible for the 64,000 drug overdose deaths in 2016, has incapacitated thousands

Genetic roots of opioid addiction in European Americans uncovered

A genome-wide analysis of more than 5,000 opioid users has revealed a gene variant associated with opioid dependence in European-Americans. The new study builds upon earlier work by Yale researchers who identified a different group of variants associated with increased

Opioid makers gave millions to patient advocacy groups to sway prescribing

5 drug companies funneled almost $9million to 14 groups working on chronic pain and issues related to opioid use between 2012-2017, Stat reveals. It is a similar tactic used in legalisation advocacy groups.

Addiction groups target primary care in opioid crisis response

A $12million federal grant will allow a coalition of national groups to help equip primary care practices and organizations to achieve a more effective response to the opioid crisis. While expanding patient access to approved medication treatments for opioid dependence

AAC Holdings: strong 4th quarter caps off “solid” 2017

The average number of people using American Addiction Centres‘ live-in facilities rose to 995 (Q4 2016: 962) in the 3 months to December 31, while the revenue generated from each patient jumped 58% to US$1,054 thanks to “operational efficiencies”. Revenues

US: alcohol, drug, suicide deaths hit new high

Yesterday’s Pain in the Nation report found that a record-high 142,000 people died in 2016 from alcohol- and drug-induced fatalities and suicide. The rate of alcohol-related deaths rose b6 40% over the past decade, while deaths from synthetic opioids, such as fentanyl,

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