Huge sadness: death of Phil Fox

The DB Recovery Resources team were heartbroken to learn of the death of Phil Fox, and below share a message from the Outside Edge Theater Company which he founded for people in recovery.


“It is with greatest sadness that we break the news of the passing of Phil Fox, our founder and creative director. He passed over on Monday night, 16th June.

Phil died at home after having a wonderful evening with his wife, Catherine, at the theatre. He had gone to his office to work and was found in the morning. The autopsy says it was a heart attack, and as it was quite quick would not have been in pain.

Everyone will remember him as a truly inspirational person who founded Outside Edge Theatre as well as a friend and mentor to so many. Being involved in theatre saved his life in 1999; through founding Outside Edge, he was able to share that love of theatre and challenge and engage us all to support his work so that he could help others through their own recovery.

Our deepest sympathy and heartfelt consolations go to his family and to everyone whose life he has touched. We are ourselves coming to terms with this very sad and sudden loss. We will, as soon as we are able, share further information about how we can remember and celebrate his life and the gifts which he was able to share through his work. The company will continue to operate  as normally as possible which is what Phil would have wanted.”

Jim, John, Patricia, Shereen, Yvonne, Cathy, Siva and Annamarie”