£3,107 to raise this week for children’s art

DB Recovery News has been asked to publicise that Cool It Art has £9,758 raised out of £12,865 target, needed for match-funding from RSA, but needs that bit more. Help kids be happy through Art.


From Cool It Art…

Kickstarter is an all or nothing thing – if we don’t raise 100% we don’t get to keep any of it. Hence reaching out to everyone possible!!

Thanks you for taking the time to read this kickstarter to provide a year-long programme of free art classes for underprivileged kids. You can see it here – the kids are absolutely fantastic in the video, please do check it out!

Also available are a cover letter, press release and postcard for more details – any questions you have am happy to answer so feel free to ask!

Cool it art – press release

CoolitArt letter word version

cool it art postcard front

cool it art postcard back2There are videos of the kids being posted daily on the twitter and Facebook pages about what art means to them – there is a specially made up song by 2 of the kids posted on Saturday which a worth a watch!

Guest blog for the RSA on inspiring through art.

Free teaching packs.

£9,758 raised out of £12,865 target – leaving £3,107 left to raise by 8pm on Friday 31st July which I hope is doable as I am determined to succeed – simply because I need to help kids be as happy as this through Art!


Cool It Art photo

Amanda Callis

Director of Cool it Art