SAM statement on California Blue Ribbon Report on marijuana legalization

“Voters in 2016 will not vote on anything remotely resembling what this new Blue Ribbon Commission report has concluded.” Click headline for more.


Report from Smart Approaches to Marijuana:

(PASADENA, CA) – Today, after events throughout the state of California on legalization, SAM President Kevin Sabet released this statement about the California Blue Ribbon Commission on Marijuana Policy Report released this morning:

“Voters in 2016 will not vote on anything remotely resembling what this new Blue Ribbon Commission report has concluded. While the Commission should be commended for examining the complex issues surrounding legalization, none of the handful of legalization ballot proposals under consideration in California reflect what the report has actually said about public health measures.

“Legalization in California is about one thing: making a few people rich off of the backs of others. Private equity managers and investment bankers are already influencing California’s proposed legalization measures by ensuring they get rich just like Big Tobacco. They’re proposing California legalize pot gummy bears, allow for marijuana lollipops and ice creams, and further allow for in-your-face promotion and advertising campaigns. Today’s Big Marijuana industry in California are not in the least bit concerned with the Commission’s recommendations about health and safety. We don’t think legalization is inevitable in California – it was defeated in 2010 – and we intend to mount an immense campaign to make sure Big Marijuana stays out of our state.”

SAM will be releasing a detailed response to the report in the coming weeks.


Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) has four main goals:

* To inform public policy with the science of today’s marijuana.

* To prevent the establishment of “Big Marijuana” – and a 21st-Century tobacco industry that would market marijuana to children.

* To promote research of marijuana’s medical properties and produce, non-smoked, non-psychoactive pharmacy-attainable medications.

* To have an adult conversation about reducing the unintended consequences of current marijuana policies, such as lifelong stigma due to arrest.

SAM is a nonpartisan alliance of lawmakers, scientists and other concerned citizens who want to move beyond simplistic discussions of “incarceration versus legalization” when discussing marijuana use and instead focus on practical changes in marijuana policy that neither demonizes users nor legalizes the drug.