Politics Show: Nick Clegg v Peter Hitchens

Watch video – but note presenter Jo Coburn’s inaccuracies (click headline for correction). Also: Daily Politics reporter Giles Dilnot on approaches.




Jo Coburn disinformation is 4.45 minutes in, when she quoted a fall in drug deaths in Portugal as due solely to decriminalisation. Nick Clegg made same claim – but his own report, Drugs: International Comparators, acknowledges that: “Much of the most relevant data in this area comes from Portugal, as its reforms were fairly recent, and data from before, during and after implementation is easily available. It is important to note, however, that Portugal made a number of changes to its approach to drugs around the same time as implementing decriminalisation, including widespread implementation of harm-reduction programmes and an increase in investment in drug treatment. It is extremely challenging to disentangle the effects of decriminalisation from the effects of these wider changes.”