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9 April 2020

Charlotte of marijuana’s Charlotte’s Web dies

Charlotte had a catastrophic form of epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome, for which her mother used cannabis oil. However, some doctors warned there was no proof that Charlotte’s Web was effective, or even safe. She tested negative for covid19.

Free online mental health and emotional wellbeing services to support frontline workers

Uplifting and inspirational! Claire Goodwin-Fee, Ellen Waldren and Sam Cotton have matched 100s of therapists who are offering free therapy to NHS workers, via Frontline19. This was set up by experienced pyschotherapists as a crisis response to covid19.  Click links to

£750million coronavirus bailout for charities

Describing the funding package as ‘unprecedented’, chancellor Rishi Sunak said the cash would help ensure charities across the UK ‘can continue to deliver the services that millions of people up and down the country rely on’.

Coronavirus: NHS fears ‘new wave’ of gambling addiction

Gamblers could struggle during the coronavirus crisis as isolation leads them into addiction and debt, the NHS Northern Gambling Service warned. It is offering video support amid the crisis.

Clinical guide for management of people with alcohol dependence during coronavirus pandemic

NHS England and NHS Improvement seek the best local solutions for proper management of non-elective patients with alcohol dependence in need of care, for whom there will be little (if any) specialist advice, while developing and protecting resources for the

Smoking and drinking amid covid crisis

King’s College London asks that people update it on how Covid-19 is affecting their use of alcohol and other drugs and access to treatment. BJGP writes on Covid-19: Risk of increase in smoking rates among England’s 6million smokers and relapse among

Millennials found to be the biggest online gambling spenders

Millennials – people born 1981-1995 – are the biggest spending generation for online gaming and betting, according to payment provider PXP Financial. They had the most negative reaction to a ban on gambling with credit cards. See also: ESI Gambling

$38.5billion request to Congress to avert collapse of behavioral health organizations

The National Council for Behavioral Health and the American Society of Addiction Medicine have requested $38.5billion of emergency funds for behavioral health organizations to avert a large-scale public health calamity, with a significant portion dedicated to BHOs enrolled in Medicaid.

Providers seek more sensible drug testing amid covid crisis

Among the countless impacts of the Covid19 crisis on addiction treatment operations, providers suddenly had to rethink standard protocols for patient drug testing. The overall clinical message has become one of cutting back on testing where possible, Gary Enos reveals in

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