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Another cannabis killing

Parents, who both smoked cannabis and took cocaine, inflicted a brain haemorrhage and 8″ fracture on 24-day-old-baby’s skull, from which he died – he had earlier been diagnosed with 32 rib fractures and 9 more to his arms and legs

7 December 2018

“Public perception not evidence drives change” – Volteface briefing on cannabis legalisation in Canada

“Canada is hugely important in the development of policy and presenting the argument about how we might change policy,” Crispin Blunt MP said, as he lauded Trudeau’s [misleading] legalisation message of “protecting young people” despite legalisation increasing youth marijuana use

Fewer young people in treatment for drugs yet more admit to use

Public Health England has published Alcohol and drug treatment data for under-18s from its national drug treatment monitoring system. Fewer young people in treatment for drugs yet more admit to use, the Guardian sums up. Why do civil servants ignore expert

Briefing to health professionals on management of opioid medications

The faculty of pain medicine at the Royal College of Anesthetics has released a briefing statement addressing public concern about opioid painkillers, as well as professional and governmental concern. It sets out the issues and recommendations for action locally.

Local alcohol and tobacco profiles

Public Health England has published an overview of the extent of tobacco use, tobacco related harm and the measures being taken to reduce this harm at a local level in England, an update of indicators in the Local Alcohol Profiles

Older adults: Charter for Change questionnaire

DrinkWise AgeWell  has created a questionnaire so that older adults can share their experiences of finding and using help for alcohol use. It will use the information to develop a “Charter for Change”, to be presented to people who make

Councils & children of alcoholics: funding

Portsmouth City Council has been successful in securing £500,000 from Public Health England to provide support for children of alcohol dependent parents… Swindon to help children affected by alcohol following successful funding bid… Fresh support for Haringey families affected by alcohol.

Drug related crime

PHE has released guidance for criminal justice intervention teams using the national drug treatment monitoring system.  Plus: parliamentary debate on drug-related crime in Wales.

Most adults living unhealthy lifestyle

The overwhelming majority of adults in England are so unhealthy they put their lives at risk – data from the Health Survey for England showed almost 9 in 10 people had at least one unhealthy trait.

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