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24 June 2019

WHO removes guidelines downplaying opioid addiction risk

The World Health Organisation will discontinue 2 guides on prescribing opioids in response to accusations from US lawmakers that it was influenced by opioid makers to minimise the dangers of the drugs.

9 out of 10 liver disease patients diagnosed in A & E will die in a year

The British Liver Trust is calling for urgent action as its report, The Alarming Rise of Liver Disease in the UK, reveals that patients diagnosed with liver disease as an emergency presentation will be dead in a year. Liver disease is the

Councils blamed for jump in drink and drug deaths

The number of people dying from drug and alcohol misuse almost doubled in the 5 years since councils were made responsible for providing treatment, rising since 2014 to reach 3,237 last year, Ministry of Justice figures show. The number of people

Alcohol-treatment issues today

Dr Michael Kelleher of SLaM reveals problems with alcohol-treatment and detox funding, being cut off from commissioning and planning, and the need for same-day assessments.

Big Pot comes to London

“Accusations abound that the medical debate is something of a Trojan horse for multinationals jostling over future control of the UK’s £multibillion illicit cannabis market,” The Observer writes of this week’s Cannabis Europa conference.

NHS launches gambling addiction service for children

The NHS announced a service for 13 to 25-year-olds at the UK’s only dedicated gambling addiction centre, the National Problem Gambling Clinic in London – and up to 14 more gambling addiction clinics, initially focusing on adults, are due to

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