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6 December 2019

Cost of addiction in the workplace: free webinar

Join addiction and interventionist expert Bob Poznanovich in this Hazelden Betty Ford webinar on 11 December as he discusses trends, risks and direct & indirect costs to businesses and organizations while touching on how legalization of marijuana will bring more

London Bridge hero who tackled terrorist with fire extinguisher is person in recovery

John Crilly had been jailed for a murder he didn’t commit – by Lord Leveson, who freed killer Usman Khan. He got an Open University law degree while in jail and victim Jack Merritt attended his graduation ceremony this September. Crilly

Ketamine researcher sounds caution over alcohol study

Elias Dakwar MD of  Columbia University comments on a University College London study on ketamine and problematic drinking, published in November. He noted similar mean results and warns that treatments narrowly focused on “rewriting” cognitive processes can overlook other social, emotional or

General Election 2019 – what do the political parties say about alcohol?

An overview of all Parties’ alcohol policy positions comes courtesy of Institute of Alcohol Studies policy head Richard Fernandez.

What Christmas is like when someone you love has an addiction

Christmas is the time of year when we need the most help. I didn’t understand this until I was dealing with my husband’s addiction, Poorna Bell writes in iNews.

Behavioral interventions may be as effective at reducing food intake as anorectic drugs

Simulations predict that behavioral interventions such as imposing strict no-food restrictions after meals can be as effective as strong anorectic drugs in reducing food intake in rodents, according to a study in PLOS Biology by Imperial College London. “We hadn’t

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