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1 March 2024

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71% support PM’s aim to stamp out smoking

Parliamentarians across both houses urged the government to listen to the public and put the Tobacco and Vapes Bill to Parliament without further delay, as polling shows overwhelming support for stamping out smoking in Britain, ASH campaigned.

Raising the age of sale of cigarettes

Smoke Free Action produced a brief for parliamentarians on raising the age of sale of cigarettes. The organisations want to create a ‘smokefree generation’ by ending cigarette sales to those born on or after 1 January 2009.

Scotland and alcohol

Why do we drink so much more than we used to? What is it doing to our health and communities? How important is alcohol to our economy? Across 5 days of in-depth coverage starting on Monday, the Herald will delve into Scotland’s relationship

People short of ADHD meds turn to cannabis

Cannabis clinics have seen a spike in ADHD patients accessing their services amid a national medication shortage, BBC North West claimed.

Diverted drugs in murder victim

Prescription drugs not issued by a GP were detected in the blood of a DPD worker allegedly slaughtered on the street by masked men, jurors heard. Stafford Crown Court was told that tramadol, morphine and codeine were found in Aurman

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