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15 October 2019

Recovery from addiction should be center stage for 2020

“We call for all US presidential candidates to make recovery from addiction the central issue of this campaign. The drug epidemic should be a leading topic in debates and inform the nation in the election cycle. Calling for Big Pharma’s

Who sent millions of pro-vaping posts from bot accounts?

The US House Energy and Commerce Committee and the Massachusetts attorney general’s office are investigating who spammed millions of bot posts promoting e-cigarettes while downplaying or misleading viewers on its effects on human health.

Construction news: a shift in drugs and alcohol policy

Absenteeism, criminal activity and injuries are symptoms of drug and alcohol misuse that have long plagued the industry. But things may be changing amid increased substance testing and a growing focus on worker wellbeing. Construction News investigates.

Sharp rise in antidepressant use in over-65s

Over 300million people suffer from depression around the world. In a recent study, Antony Arthur of University of East Anglia and Carol Brayne of University of Cambridge looked at people over the age of 65 and found that, while the number

Mike Dixon: from Addaction to LibDems

No wonder the charity Addaction’s name has been publicly used to support decriminalisation etc: its CEO is taking up the CEO role at the legalising Liberal Democrats.

E-cigarette research grants

Cancer Research has announced that its Tobacco Advisory Group is accepting proposals themed around youth uptake of electronic cigarettes. Applicants in the UK can apply for funding of about £400,000. Apply before 5 December 2019. Also: Tobacco Control Research Group scoops

Causes of hospital admission & mortality among 6,683 people who use heroin

5 UK research institutions found that people who use heroin have very high risk of hospitalisation and death, that most of the excess risk relates to common non-communicable diseases and that diseases of the lung, cardiovascular system and liver cause

Life on estates hit by drug issues

‘People don’t say anything for fear of reprisals’ – Eastern Daily Press investigations reporter Taz Ali visited estates in Dereham, King’s Lynn, Norwich and Great Yarmouth to find out what it’s like living somewhere where drugs cause problems.

Smoking weed in pregnancy could put a baby at higher risk of addiction – if it’s a boy

Using cannabis during pregnancy could cause harmful brain changes to a developing baby – but only if it’s a boy, a new study by Cagliari University in Monserrato suggests. It can also fuel risk-taking behaviour.

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