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23 September 2021

After the reshuffle: PPS list in full

After the excitement of the Cabinet and ministerial reshuffles and the insider intel on SpAd appointments, we give you a list of the new parliamentary private secretaries to add to your contacts.

Sturgeon creates drug decriminalisation fury

Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon was accused of allowing the decriminalising of all drugs in Scotland yesterday after the country’s law chief said possession of heroin, crack and crystal meth should not be prosecuted. This is her response to record

1st recovery walk in Derry

Derry in N Ireland is set to celebrate the journey of addiction recovery in its first ever recovery walk taking place this weekend.

No betting on football shirts

Sportsmail said that outlawing shirt-front logos of gambling companies could be included on a white paper published this winter. A ban on betting ads on pitchside hoardings and TV will also be considered. All but one of the Premier League

Scouse Soldiers: the organised crime gangs of Merseyside

Without a social network, young people have turned to gangs, Robert Hesketh of Liverpool John Moores University writes. Some are paid a commission in drugs in return for selling a supply. Others are lured via social media into debt bondage.

Illegal drugs cost Netherlands €4.1billion a year

The Dutch government has given parliamentarians a warts-and-all assessment of the cost of the gangland drugs industry to society: it drains up to €4.1billion from the exchequer every year and puts about €16billion in “black money” into circulation.

WHO sheds light on “dark impact” of e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products

Novel and emerging tobacco products are the subject of a WHO report that looks at the harm caused by toxic ingredients and nicotine exposure to how new nicotine and tobacco products are aggressively marketed including to children and adolescents.

NAATP announces the Foundation for Recovery Science & Education

The National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers has created a non-profit entity to measure the effectiveness of treatment. The NAATP Foundation for Recovery Science & Education will conduct the Addiction Treatment Outcomes Program – 18 rehabs have signed up.

Tons of legal cannabis smuggled onto streets

Cannabis prohibition might be ending – replaced by cannabis bootlegging, Leafly reported. Investigators surprise-inspected Blue Tree LLC, after an anonymous tip about “massive, organized fraudulent diversion” involving 10s of thousands of pounds of cannabis moving into the illicit market.

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