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27 November 2023

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Ecuador President orders reversal of drug decriminalization

Ecuador’s new president repealed a policy that allowed for the possession of small amounts of drugs without prosecution on Friday, in a move he said would counter “micro-trafficking”. This follows voter dissatisfaction elsewhere in the world about legalisation/decriminalisation.

Shopping feels like an addiction around the holidays

’Tis the season of sales and shopping – but are you confident you’ll be able to stop when you have enough? As good as the initial feeling is, holiday spending habits can have negative consequences. WRAL’s health team explains.

Alcohol care teams: benefits to patients in hospitals

“We have a strong, evidenced framework that emergency admission for alcohol detoxification rarely achieves long term abstinence as addiction is largely a psychological condition so physical interventions alone are rarely sufficient,” lead alcohol nurse Carol Appleyard writes, offering a wealth

Government does not collect data on women assessed by/ needing drug and alcohol treatment

Responding to a parliamentary question, the parliamentary under-secretary for Health & Social care admitted that “Information is not collected centrally on the number of women assessed by drug and alcohol treatment and recovery services“. OHID has published some prevalence of use

E-cigarette use, vaping: Yellow Card scheme

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency alerted healthcare professionals to be vigilant for suspected adverse reactions and safety concerns linked with e-cigarettes and e-liquids – vapes – and to report report adverse reactions to the Yellow Card scheme. Meanwhile, 400,000

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