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19 June 2018

The Recovery Bulletin

The Recovery Bulletin is a superb roundup of addiction-recovery research, curated by Harvard Professor John Kelly’s Recovery Research Institute – read its research, and how to sign up for today’s webcast on stigma of addiction.

It was supposed to be an unbiased study of drinking. They wanted to call it ‘Cheers’

Buried in a new 165-page internal report prepared for NIH director Dr Francis Collins are disturbing examples of coordination between scientists and the alcohol industry on a study that could have changed US drinking habits. The New York Times updates

ICD-11 is here!

ICD defines the universe of diseases, disorders, injuries and other related health conditions, listed in a comprehensive, hierarchical fashion – and includes addictions (read ICD-11 here). Hitting the headlines is ICD-11’s inclusion of gaming disorder. Also: access video of Dr

Jumping to conclusions about legalising cannabis is premature

From all the hysteria in the media this last few days, calling for Billy Caldwell’s cannabis oil to be returned to him and/or legalised, you would be forgiven for believing it was a tested, proven and safe medical treatment being discussed. Just

Government response to House of Lords report on reciprocal healthcare

This command paper sets out the government’s response to the report Brexit: reciprocal healthcare on the impact of EU exit on this, published by the House of Lords European Union Committee, chaired by Lord Jay of Ewelme.

Light drinkers: later deaths vs developing cancer?

Previous studies found that light to moderate drinkers live longer than lifetime teetotallers – the evidence from cancer research gives a different impression. In trying to reconcile the evidence, our findings suggest that drinking in moderation should be less than 7 drinks per

Tackling alcohol-related antisocial behaviour: new powers, old issues?

Alcohol Policy UK abridges its report with Alcohol Concern on use and issues over legal powers to address alcohol-related antisocial behaviour: Tackling alcohol-related anti-social behaviour through Civil Injunctions and Criminal Behaviour Orders: A missed opportunity?’.

Resurgence of cocaine shows that, for millennials, ethics are a pick ‘n’ mix

Ethics fly out the door on the weekend. I’m talking about cocaine. Once a preserve of the rich, the resurgent white powder cocaine has again become the party drug du jour, the Telegraph reports.

‘It consumed my life’: inside a gaming addiction treatment centre

As the World Health Organization classifies gaming disorder as a mental health condition, one UK treatment centre reveals how it is trying to tackle the problem. The Guardian explains.

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