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18 April 2019

POTUS and FLOTUS to address attendees at Rx Summit next week

President Donald J Trump and First Lady Melania Trump will address delegates at the Rx Drug Abuse & Heroin Summit next Wednesday in Atlanta. DB Recovery+ News thanks director Doug Edwards for our invitation, and congratulates him and his team.

Relapse prevention: mindful body awareness training

For the 1st time, the mindfulness approach has been studied in a large randomized trial as an adjunct treatment for addiction, by University of Washington. “We could teach this intervention successfully in 8 weeks to a very distressed population,” said

29% of people would not consider a relationship with a recovered drug addict

So it’s good news: 71% of people would consider a relationship with someone in recovery. Port of Call carried out a survey to find out more about the UK’s attitudes to addiction, including how people feel about getting romantically involved

1million+ older motorists drive while drunk

Over 1.6 million motorists over the age of 55 have driven while over the limit, Direct Line Motor Insurance found – the problem could be more widespread, with a further 3.6million drivers in the age group thinking they could have been over

Medical Council on Alcohol: £500 essay competition

In this essay, you should consider where in the medical curriculum alcohol should be taught, how best to incorporate it into consultations with patients and the role of medical students’ and other health professionals’ own views on alcohol. Deadline: 1

Farewell Cranstoun’s City Roads

City Roads invites readers to “join us in saying goodbye and celebrating all the people who made the last 41 years possible” on 8 May at 1pm (352-358 City Road, London EC1V 2PY).

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