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9 December 2022

Class-action lawsuit over addictive Fortnite game

3 parents from Quebec sued US-based Epic Games, alleging that its creators designed its Battle Royale iteration of Fortnite to be “highly addictive” and caused their minor children to suffer psychological, physical, and financial harm. See also: Children stopped sleeping and

Alcohol-specific deaths are highest on record

“This 7.4% rise in alcohol-specific deaths is extremely concerning after the record number of deaths reported in 2020,” the Office for National Statistics said as it revealed that 9,641 deaths from alcohol-specific causes registered in 2021, the highest on record.

Adult care services ‘invisible,’ claim peers

The House of Lords’ Adult Social Care Committee said society’s understanding of adult social care was ‘partial and often flawed’ and the sector needed ‘realistic, predictable and long-term funding’. It warns that the continued invisibility of the adult social care

Councils: worsening audit backlog revealed

Councils [which commission drug & alcohol treatment] are making decisions, managing multiple financial challenges and planning for the future with ‘limited assurance about their underlying financial positions’, the chair of Public Sector Audit Appointments warned.

Nearly half of Brits say they’ve cancelled plans with friends to avoid pressure to drink alcohol

Thousands of Brits avoid social situations because they feel too embarrassed saying “no” to booze. A study of 2,000 revealed that 33% of adults feel pressured to consume alcohol when socialising, most lying to get out of drinking. It also emerged

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