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21 January 2020

Over 2million patients with heart disease used marijuana

Brigham and Women’s Hospital revealed that 2million adults with cardiovascular disease report using marijuana. Observational studies have linked marijuana use to cardiovascular risks, including stroke, arrhythmia and diseases that make it hard for the heart muscle to pump properly. Marijuana

“Clueless Brits” don’t know boozing can increase cancer risk

A study of 3,000 drinkers by Yorkshire Cancer Research found people are clueless about the health risks of drinking and don’t know how much is too much – worse, YCR found that, even when the health risks are explained, 79%

Pharmacists could be asked to advise patients on drinking and smoking under NICE proposals

Community pharmacists could be asked to strike up a conversation with patients about their general wellbeing, to encourage them to stop smoking, cut down on drinking and/or lose weight

Oxytocin therapy might benefit cocaine-addicted men, but not women

Medical University of South Carolina found that oxytocin, a hormone produced naturally in the hypothalamus, has a different effect on men and women when used as a treatment for cocaine-addicted individuals with a history of childhood trauma.

The latest intelligence on drug health harms

Last week we brought you Public Health England/NIN’s latest intelligence on the health harms associated with drug use. Russell Webster summarises the key points.

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