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25 September 2023

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Today is National Psychotherapy Day

National Psychotherapy Day takes place on 25 September. Founded in 2012, the day was created by a group of students and professionals that wanted to bring more awareness to the importance of mental health. Wear turquoise today and explain why,

“Secretive” Scottish government fails to Minute key drugs summits with Westminster

The SNP Executive has become notorious for its failure to take notes and minutes at key meetings, and this was extended to summits with the UK government about drug policy which has been the subject of various constitutional rows, the

TfL employees testing positive for drugs

Transport for London revealed that it found that 39 of its staff tested positive for banned drugs during unannounced swabs on its network in the past 5 years. Since 2018, 3,998 tests have been conducted, with 39 indicating the presence

NHS Fife gets £5million to tackle drug deaths

NHS Fife was chosen to manage the UK wide Reducing Drug Deaths Innovation Challenge, which will see 12 projects share £5million to take forward potentially ground-breaking new approaches to help reduce fatal drug overdoses. DB News note: it’s a pity

Should I worry about my recreational heroin use?

Yes, worry, answers Philippa Perry in the Guardian – the ‘Addiction Monster’ will always find a reason for you to carry on. But there is help available to you.

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