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21 June 2024

Campaign chief for PM’s party steps aside in insider gambling scandal

The scandal surrounding the Conservative Party worsened yesterday after the UK gambling watchdog opened a 4th investigation into alleged bets on the timing of the country’s upcoming general election.

Questions over Scottish ‘rehab’ funding

“I suspect the £6million funding has been paused due to having only 11 clients since it opened in 2018 and is now under investigation. It also seems to be a heritage project to upgrade buildings and land, disguised as a

Xylazine and Bromazolam in illegal drug market – inc vapes

The Forward Trust issued a national alert to staff following increasing reports of Xylazine and Bromazolam being detected in the UK’s illegal drug market. In the UK, nitazenes have been detected in substances sold as heroin, cocaine, benzodiazepines and cannabis

Dopamine: understanding other people

Many people with disorders linked to the dopamine system, such as PTSD and addiction, also struggle with social abilities such as recognising or understanding the emotions and mental states of others – Bianca Shuster of Universität Wien and Jennifer Cook

What ‘zebra striping’ your alcohol intake does to your body

According to the Low & No 2024: Drinking Differently report, a quarter of people are ‘zebra striping’ on every night out. This means alternating alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic drinks on a single night. Metro lists possible benefits.

Sharp rise in vapers using high-strength nicotine

University College London, funded by Cancer Research UK, found that 32.5% of vapers used high-strength nicotine in January 2024 compared to 3.8% on average July 2016-June 2021. The biggest rises were among 18-24-year-old vapers (from 3.9% to 53.1%) and vapers who

EU roadmap to fight drug-trafficking

Every city in the European Union should establish a task-force focused on helping people at risk of drug addiction and criminal gangs, the European Committee of the Regions urged yesterday, in recommendations prompted by the EU’s concern at the proliferation

Webinar: EU drug markets – NPS

This 1-hour EMCDDA-Europol webinar on 27 June overviews the EU market on new psychoactive substances, from production and trafficking, to distribution and use, drawing conclusions from data sources such as the European Union Early Warning System on NPS. This webinar

German police deny telling Euro 2024 fans to smoke weed

German police have rebutted the claims that they advised football fans to smoke cannabis instead of drinking alcohol, labelling the Sun report “false”. Police “will… react to aggressive groups who act as troublemakers, regardless of intoxicants”.

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