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17 January 2022

Why you crave sugar when you quit alcohol

Dry January can lead to a sweet tooth since both booze and sugar stimulate the chemical dopamine. Abstainers can also have low blood sugar and reach for sugar in place of their former crutch. Business Insider gets advice from experts.

Boris Johnson “committed to addressing culture” of drinking in No10

“When he responds to the House of Commons, he will make sure that we address the kind of culture that has allowed that to happen,” Tory chairman Oliver Dowden said of Boris Johnson and widespread drinking by staff during lockdown.

8million drink up to 50 units a week after alcohol soared in pandemic

The latest sign of damage from shutting down society is that 8million Brits now drink quantities of alcohol that puts them ‘at risk’. The figure has risen by 2million since October 2019. The NHS recommends no more than 14 units

Drinking spree sparked by pandemic ‘likely to last 5 years’

Millions are causing themselves ‘silent harm’ after consuming more alcohol at home during lockdown – and alcohol consumption could stay at the higher levels for 5 years, Royal College of Psychiatrists warned.

Substance misuse in prisons ‘needs to be overhauled to prevent avoidable deaths’

“It is not enough to simply focus on detection and disruption of drug supply – we must ensure every individual affected by drugs or alcohol in prison and on release has access to the same quality of treatment [as] in

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