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20 January 2021

When physical and social pain coexist

Many patients who use opioid medications long term for chronic pain have both physical and social pain – the medications can lead to opioid dependence that suppresses the endogenous opioid system vital for socialization and reward processing, University of Washington

£148million to cut drugs crime

The government  announced £148 million funding to tackle drug misuse, giving extra resources to law enforcement and for drug treatment and recovery to cut drug-related crime. It is the largest rise in drug treatment funding in 15 years. Home secretary

£80million for local authorities to improve drug treatment

As part of the £148million package, drug treatment services in England are to receive an extra £80million, giving more places for people released from prison and criminals handed community sentences. But New funding to tackle drug misuse is ‘a drop in

Facebook’s role in antidepressant withdrawal

John Read of University of East London et al examined 16 Facebook groups with a total membership of 67,125, all raising awareness of, and supporting individuals tapering off antidepressants. Is social media filling a void left by health services?

Scottish parliament: drug deaths crisis

Scottish Parliament TV covers the motion that every life lost to drug and alcohol misuse is a preventable tragedy and that more action could be taken at a national and local level to prevent this.

Underestimated: illicit drug use in young people

University of Bristol compared the Crime Survey England and Wales with its Children of the 90s – and suggests that the government’s current national population-based data could be understating illicit drug usage among young people by up to 23%.

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