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7 December 2021

Largest ever increase in funding for drug treatment

As we reported yesterday, the government has published From Harm to Hope, a 10-year Drug Strategy to cut crime and save lives by reducing the supply and demand for drugs and delivering a high-quality treatment and recovery system. Aiming to

Transcript of 10-year drug strategy announcement in parliament

“With permission, Madam Deputy Speaker, I would like to make a statement on the government’s new 10-year strategy for addressing illicit drug use,” minister for crime and policing Kit Malthouse started explaining at 6.28pm yesterday.

Reactions to 10-year drug strategy, From Harm to Hope

“The new drug strategy may not be as bad as it looks. Hiding behind this tough talk there is hope of new funding for vital public health measures,” writes Alex Stevens of University of Kent. “Drugs plan aims to help

Minister “would be surprised” if there weren’t ‘lifestyle drug users’ in parliament

Policing minister Kit Malthouse admitted that while he was not aware of any drug-taking in Westminster, he would not be “surprised” if some staff did take illegal substances.

Government asks ACMD for drug-prevention evidence

Which approaches are best supported by the evidence to prevent initial drug use in vulnerable groups? What does evidence tell us about the prevalence and drivers of use among those groups? What does the evidence suggest are effective interventions to

‘Stop saying junkie’ plea to end addiction stigma

Scotland’s NHS Inform website advises that terms such as a “addict, alcoholic and junkie” should not be used but replaced with “person with problematic substance use, person with harmful alcohol use, and person with problematic drug use“. People in recovery

Stress of pandemic sees more people take up smoking for first time in decades

Tobacco industry insiders say sales have been up during the pandemic as people struggled with the anxiety and stress caused by lockdowns. Former Cabinet minister David Jones said: “The House was told a million smokers gave up the habit during lockdown

Bosses defend £6million pricetag for River Garden

Bosses of a radical rehab initiative modelled on Italy’s San Patrignano abstinence-based commune claimed that every penny of £6million funding will be well spent. River Garden Auchincruive will house a maximum of 57 residents. It is claimed that England’s rehabs get

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