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23 October 2020

The talker in talking therapies 

Findings looks at key studies on the impact of the practitioner in psychosocial therapies for alcohol dependence. It highlights validated empathy, understanding and warmth, and explores 3 key issues: listening, being genuine and why don’t more studies register therapist effects?

Alcohol-specific hospital admissions

NHS Digital has released Alcohol-specific hospital admissions and Emergency alcohol-specific readmission to any hospital within 30 days of discharge following an alcohol-specific admission.

Lockdown creates huge challenges for children of alcoholics

“I shudder to think of fellow COAs who have had to go through the experience of lockdown while still living with their addicted parent,” writes London Assembly candidate Toby Williams. He offers ways to help.

Drugs legalisation “is a cockroach policy”

Drugs legalisation is a cockroach policy that is almost impossible to kill. Dealers themselves are dismissive of calls to legalise drugs – as the Centre for Social Justice explains in A raw deal: drug-dealing discussed with lived experience.

Lockdown: smoking cessation doubled but 40% downed a risky amount of booze

University College London analysed surveys taken monthly to examine people’s smoking, drinking and quitting habits. It found that, while twice as many adults said they were trying to cut down on alcohol, almost 40% practiced risky drinking in lockdown.

Wales: sobriety tags in use to tackle alcohol-fuelled crime

Criminals in Wales who commit alcohol-fuelled crimes can be banned from drinking and ordered to wear a ‘sobriety tag’ by judges; these will be extended to England early 2021. The ankle tags monitor offenders’ sweat every 30 minutes and alert probation

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