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22 February 2019

How Big Pharma donations can influence public drug coverage

Professor Emeritus Joel Lexchin of  University of Toronto & York University examines in his study, in PLoS One, whether drug company donations influence patient group views – and found many conflicts of interest alongside lobbying for public drug plans to pay.

Expansion of budgets for personalised health & care support

The government has announced plans to give personal health budgets to up to 200,000 people by 2024. This should include help with drug and alcohol treatment/recovery.

Almost 100,000 UK children have PTSD due to bullying & violence

The 1st comprehensive study of the issue in the UK, by Kings College London, found 7.8% of people under the age of 18 are living with post traumatic stress disorder. This is relevant due to the fact that many turn

Ross-shire alcohol service to close

Alcohol Counselling Services Ross and Sutherland has “sadly and regretfully” decided that it will close from 30 April, despite supporting people for over 25 years, as the NHS can confirm funding only up to June. The news has been greeted

Campaigners demand timetable for ending sponsorship deals with alcohol brands

Alcohol Focus Scotland stepped up calls as the chair of Scottish Women’s Football Vivienne MacLaren made clear its opposition to sponsorship from the drinks or gambling industries.

Another cannabis link to violence

How the boy who murdered ‘angel’ Alesha MacPhail, 6, was mired in a culture of drugs and cheap booze – her own father sold cannabis to her killer.

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