Media skills


  • Familiarity with running a company in both the private and voluntary sectors means your business needs will have the understanding to create an effective strategy.
  • Brings to clients her experience as editor and publisher of industry including B2B and inhouse journals.
  • Track record of hundreds of articles published in mainstream and specialist media; authored 2 books.
  • Track record in organising large, popular conferences.
  • Can create eblasts for your organisation, from writing through to emailing and/or creating your own eblast systems.
  • Crystallises large amounts of complex information into articles/briefing documents, to reach more people.

PERSONAL PROFILE (copy of psychometric test available on request):

“Deirdre tends to know intuitively what structure and organisation are necessary to harness ideas and people to achieve long-range goals. She likes working where she can achieve immediate, visible and tangible results, and sets about achieving her scheduled goals on time in an efficient and effective manner. She is logical and analytical, an ingenious thinker and long-range planner, and good at anything which requires rapid reasoning. She is an adaptable realist, consistent and dependable, and seen as a natural leader with high standards who leads by example. She is good at easing tense situations by getting conflicting parties to work together.”

LinkedIn emailed to say Deirdre’s profile was in the top 5% most viewed in the UK


ADDICTION RECOVERY FOUNDATION  >> 1993-2014, 193 Victoria Street, London SW1E 5NE
CEO of this charity with £250,000 turnover, of which over 90% is operating revenue. Main responsibilities were producing its publications Addiction Today/ Intervene and international symposia, and meeting statutory and other requirements associated with the administration of a charity.

CHILDREN IN HOSPITAL  >> 1992-1993, 28 Great Ormond Street, London WC1N
Joined as public relations coordinator, on a voluntary basis, for this charity consisting of 20 UK children’s hospitals and paediatric units, liaising between the hospitals and reporting to chairman Sir Anthony Tippet. The work in this charity and the immediate one below was voluntary to give flexibility, as was simultaneously studying BAC-certified Integrative Psychotherapy.

THE SICK CHILDREN’S TRUST / TURNING POINT  >> early 1992, 10 Guildford Street, London WC1 / 101 Backchurch Land, London E1
Again on a voluntary basis, Deirdre had sole responsibility for PR in SCT and achieved media coverage in all the nationals, as well as some regionals and women’s magazines. In Turning Point, she worked as part of a team organising such events as the royal preview of the film Rush and royal openings of two projects.

WANG (UK)  >> 1989-1991, 1000 Great West Road, Brentford, Middlesex TW8 9
Joining as editor of Wang UK’s employee and customer magazines, Deirdre was promoted to handle PR for the UK, reporting directly to the CEO and liaising with US and Brussels headquarters. PR work included not only positive promotion in the media but also damage limitation. UK turnover was £120million, and over $1billion worldwide.

CW COMMUNICATIONS / A PLUS PUBLICATIONS  >> 1985-1989, 99 Gray’s Inn Road, London EC1
Was group editor of Business, Impaq, WordPerfect and Software Solutions, editor of Dec Today and production editor for ICL Today as well as working on other magazines in this group: PC Business World, Computer News.

ARGUS PUBLICATIONS  >> 1984-1985, Golden Square, London W1A
Editor of Personal Computing Today magazine, whose circulation rose 20% in that time.

VNU BUSINESS PUBLICATIONS  >> 1982-1984, 32-34 Broadwick Street, London W1A
Started as production editor of DataBusiness, a computer magazine for accountants; promoted to launch the pioneering (then!) PC Games as well as being project/launch editor for Sinclair User and BBC User magazines. Also wrote articles for sister magazines Accountancy Age and Computing.

VESEY PUBLICATIONS  >> 1977-1982, Ireland and London
Worked in circulation, sub-editing and production as well as reporting. Helped to launch Ireland’s first monthly business magazine, Irish Business, Ireland’s first glossy, Image, and first free distribution tourist magazine, Inside Guide to Ireland, as well as working on the leading grocery magazine, Checkout.  Moved to London in 1980, within this group, to supervise editorial of the panEuropean economic magazine Vision.

Deirdre previously worked in an advertising agency and in an accounting firm auditing businesses.

Magazine design software:  Quark Xpress and InDesign.
Website software:  Typepad and WordPress.
Organisational:  Microsoft Outlook, Excel and Word.