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26 May 2017

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Cuts to addiction services in England are ‘a false economy’

Professor Colin Drummond, chair of the Addictions Faculty at the Royal College of Psychiatrists, writes in the British Medical Journal that typically addiction services in England have been cut 30% with some areas planning 50%…  drug related deaths have more than doubled since addiction services were

Cannabis carnage: Manchester massacrer started on pot

Again and again and again, the media report on mass murderers who smoke(d) pot – the new government’s drug policy must concentrate on demand reduction: on drug prevention as terror prevention, and resist normalisation of this mind-altering drug.

Is marijuana a factor in jihadi murders?

Dr Max Pemberton adds his voice to the growing database linking cannabis and mass murders, says the liberal elite who push for looser drug laws should be shamed.

Cuts to drink and drug addiction services place greater pressure on overstretched A&E departments

The Daily Mail picks up Colin Drummond’s warning about cuts to addiction-treatment services and highlights statistics.

Cannabidiol cuts seizures in children with severe epilepsy

“This is cannabidiol. It is not the oils that are available over the internet and the results cannot be ascribed to that,” Professor Helen Cross said of the Great Ormond Street Hospital research. “Families should not be feeling this is something

Alcohol, drug, violence and self harm among teens need similar attention

University College London study in The Lancet showed that the risk of suicide 10 years after adolescents were hospitalised for drug problems, alcohol abuse or violent injury was similar to the risk among those hospitalised for self-harm.

UK drug users using dark net to buy drugs ‘doubles in three years’

‘We’re talking about 15-year-olds getting hold of LSD. It’s a complete disaster’ – DB note: this adds to the growing need for demand reduction and drug prevention.

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