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21 February 2020

Nominate an unsung hero/heroine of recovery

Who do you know deserves recognition and an Award for their addiction treatment/recovery achievements? Who goes above and beyond to help people get into recovery? Or supports the carers? Nominate them here for the DB Recovery+ McLean Deconstructing Stigma Awards.

Parliamentary question: alcoholic drinks and drugs spending

Jo Churchill gives the data on spending on drug and alcohol abuse prevention and treatment (including alcohol related hospital admissions) by National Health Service bodies and providers. Local authority spend for 2016/17, 2017/18 and 2018/19 is shown in this table.

PHE – tender for drug & alcohol prevention resources

Public Health England is seeking to commission an external partner to produce a suite of Alcohol and Drug Education and Prevention resources, and submit proposals for future materials targeted at vulnerable young people. This is an “open opportunity”.

New sports minister to review gambling shirt sponsorship

The new minister for sport, Nigel Huddleston, is set to play a leading role in the government’s expected review into shirt sponsorship deals in English football involving gambling brands. According to The Times, Huddleston is ready to tackle the controversial

Codeine “should not be available over the counter”

Jamie Coleman, chair of the UK Commission on Human Medicines opioid expert working group, expressed concerns around the safety and effectiveness of low-dose over-the-counter codeine. He also explained that the metabolism of codeine can vary from person to person, even

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