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1 December 2020

The 10 most important things about addiction

Dr David McCartney summarises a list by Professor Doug Sellman distilling the 10 things you need to know about addiction from research in the last 30 years. Read Part 1 and Part 2.

Free webinar: Finding gratitude in the holiday season

How do we stay positive during the holidays, especially during the difficult times 2020 has placed upon us? Join Sierra Tucson’s Angie Kistler MS, BSN, RN for tomorrow’s free 30-minute webinar to learn some techniques.

At least one police officer a month loses their job due to drug taking

Data released by 41 UK police forces under freedom of information laws show that 56 police officers and staff resigned or were dismissed from 2017-2020 after being found to have used illegal drugs or been in possession of them, Vice

2020 drug & alcohol treatment figures

We’ve already brought you the statistics – now Russell Webster summarises the key findings.

Britons were the lockdown bingers of Europe

Comfort-seeking Britons have eaten and drunk their way through more alcohol and unhealthy snacks during lockdown than their peers elsewhere in Europe, Aarhus University suggests; the Guardian picks up the story.

Coronavirus dreams: how anger, sadness and fear crept in during lockdown

Brazil’s Federal University of Pernambuco analysed hundreds of dream reports before and during lockdown to detail the pandemic’s impact on dreaming. Mark Blagrove, professor of psychology at Swansea University, explains.

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