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21 September 2017

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7million patients urged to leave unsafe GP surgeries

Inspectors found that 1 in 7 had issues with safety and 1 in 10 was not good enough overall. They uncovered “pockets of persistent poor care” including out-of-date medicines, a failure to follow up on test results and a lack of

Have your say – better health for all Londoners

The Mayor has launched his Draft Health Inequalities strategy to £help create a healthier and fairer society, and to help make the healthier choice easier for everyone, including the most disadvantaged”. Make sure addiction services are included.

Success rates for people quitting smoking hit record high – but it’s only 20%

Almost 20% of those who quit in first half of 2017 have been successful, with e-cigarettes the most popular method of quitting, say University College London researchers.

BBC’s Inside Health: addiction services

Inside Health reveals the poor state of addiction services, with heroin and morphine related deaths the highest on record. Professor Colin Drummond worries about a split in care between the NHS and Local Authorities since the 2012, and more.

Harry’s cannabis smoking, Charles’ godson’s crack addiction & the tragedy of Tara P-T

As William intervenes in drug row, the Daily Mail explores how the “curse of addiction” has seeped into the Royal Family. Also: Prince William branded ‘naive’ for asking 3 addicts if drugs should be legalised.

DrugFam: Bereaved by addiction conference

Called Creating positive change for the stigma of addiction, the 9th DrugFam Conference will take place 14 October.

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