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Former addiction-treatment care home to be turned into 12 flats

It is sad to inform readers that Quinton House, which gave so many people extended care into recovery, will be turned into 12 flats. It is one of 42+ rehabs to close since 2008.

EU alcohol policy timeline database

Information on major steps taken or milestones reached in each EU country in the development of policy and action to reduce alcohol-related harm from 2006 to present, based on responses to the World Health Organisation.

Veterans with PTSD & addiction: finding treatment that works

About 68,000 soldiers returning from military duty become addicted to pain-relieving drugs, or opioids like OxyContin and Vicodin, due to physical injuries from combat. Veterans’ alcohol or drug use can also be related to post-traumatic stress disorder, the National Center

Teenagers who later increase marijuana use have greater risk of depression & education failures

Teenagers who increase their marijuana use with age have a greater risk of depression, an inability to experience pleasure and poor educational achievements in later life, University of Pittsburgh revealed.

Rabbinic court: alcohol addiction is grounds for divorce

Israel’s Netanya regional rabbinical court ruled yesterday that a man who is addicted to alcohol must divorce his wife and, if not, legal sanctions will be taken against him.

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26 July 2017

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