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23 March 2017

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A child sex crime every 10 minutes

Given the link between child abuse and its addiction aftermath, these figures are a horrifying predictor… Rate soars by 55% in a year with 55,000 offences recorded 2015-16… NSPCC indicates offences recorded at average of 152 a day: 13,565 against under-10s

Association between clinically recorded alcohol consumption and initial presentation of 12 cardiovascular diseases

University of Cambridge and University College London followed 1,937,360 adults (51% women), aged ≥30 who were free from cardiovascular disease at baseline. Does not cover other known harms from alcohol such as cancers, liver disease. Reports from BMJ and media

Want to attend the 1st ever service at Westminster Abbey for families, friends + partners affected by addiction?

On Tuesday 9 May, Westminster Abbey and DrugFAM will host 2,000 guests for a service of celebration and hope: Lives Worth Talking About. Click for details and to apply for a Ballot ticket.     This is a pioneering event in

Wheelie stupid!

Children are getting high by setting bins alight and then sniffing the fumes in dangerous new drug craze, claims.

New drugs All-Party Parliamentary Group

All-Party Parliamentary Group for New Psychoactive Substances and Volatile Substance Abuse has launched, with a dedicated website (note this is not a government website) and Mentor as secretariat.

Huge amount of alcohol seized from underage people

Authorities confiscated lager, cider and “huge amounts” of vodka, Wales Online reports.

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