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4 June 2020

Webinar choice: Virtual recovery cafe

Huseyin Djemil’s virtual recovery cafe is safe space for people in recovery from addiction or supporting others, offering a chance to connect with others in recovery during lockdown via a virtual community. Join in at 7.30pm on Friday.

Male DNA link between anxiety and alcohol abuse

The University of Aberdeen and the University of Edinburgh identified how sections of DNA might contribute to the risk of alcohol abuse in men. Published in Molecular Psychiatry, they found a section of DNA that switches on key genes in parts

Job opportunity at Help Me Stop

Based in Acton, London, an Enquiries and Admissions Executive is wanted. Salary: £9.62/hour. Apply by 12 June.

ECT is no more effective than placebo for depression

Electroconvulsive Therapy is administered to about 1million people annually – about 3,000 in the UK. A 40-page Review of the Quality of ECT versus ‘Sham’ ECT Trials and Meta-Analyses by Harvard and London researchers was published yesterday in Ethical Human Psychology

Could more youth clubs stop teens selling drugs?

“Places like these are critically important. With the few thousand quid a year they scrape together to fund them, they’re working miracles,” Adrian Chiles writes in the Guardian.

How to make a treatment service engaging and effective

Drug and Alcohol Findings moves on from describing effective alcohol treatment services to generating such services: ideally organisations whose mission is to serve clients would willingly open themselves to improvement, but the ones most notably failing in that mission might

Lockdown: have you been accessing alcohol addiction treatment?

How has the lockdown affected your drinking? How easy is it to access addiction treatment at the moment? Are you in treatment? Did you start a detox recently? Have you dropped out of treatment? Are you involved in helping people

Substance uses rises in Ireland’s covid conditions

The Journal reports that Over 50% of Irish people say they drink alcohol more often since Covid-19 restrictions and that Use of nitrous oxide or ‘hippie crack’ is on the rise during pandemic.

EMCDDA technical report on new psychoactive substance isotonitazene

This technical report preview analyses information on N,N-diethyl-2-[[4-(1-methylethoxy)phenyl]methyl]-5-nitro-1H-benzimidazole-1-ethanamine – commonly known as isotonitazene, an opioid analgesic emerging on the drug market in Europe – to support a risk assessment requested by the European Commission.

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