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7 August 2020

Nancy Pelosi, Big Pot and clash of interests

As politician Nancy Pelosi pushes through Big Pot favours inserted into Covid legislation, Kevin Sabet in the New York Post disproves her disinformation about marijuana benefits/harms and AALM reveals that her son, Paul Pelosi Jr, is chairman of the board

Ministers, stop scaremongering

Fear of a 2nd wave of Covid is imprisoning too many workers, in the addiction treatment field and elsewhere. Professor Karol Sikora explains the story behind the Covid numbers: “Over the last fortnight I’ve watched with horror as measured analysis

How to hug people in a coronavirus-stricken world

University of Miami in Florida found that people reporting touch deprivation had higher anxiety, depression, fatigue, sleep issues and post-traumatic stress. But hugging isn’t risk free and should be avoided by the most vulnerable. Even so, “We are at a

Review on drugs: St Mungo’s submission

Have you put forward a written submission to the Independent Review? As a guide, Emma Cookson of St Mungo’s explains what this review means and the primary calls St Mungo’s is making towards it.

Link between autism and eating disorders may be due to an inability to identify emotions

Eating disorders have the highest mortality rates of any mental illness – and one group is disproportionately affected: people on the autism spectrum. Rachel Moseley and Laura Renshaw-Vuillier of Bournemouth University look at the role of Alexithymia as a core feature of people

Covid-19: why now is the time to tackle alcohol harm

The coronavirus pandemic has changed our everyday lives and the way we think about our health. Dr Kieran Bunn from the Institute of Alcohol Studies explains why tackling alcohol harm should remain a priority.

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