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20 February 2018

What’s the cost of being a doctor in recovery?

“I am a physician in recovery and celebrated my 5th-year anniversary on 11 October”, writes Dr Luther Philaya. “When I returned from treatment, I became a pariah among my physician colleagues in the health care corporation where I had worked

Rates and predictors of schizophrenia or bipolar disorder following substance-induced psychosis

The highest conversion rate was found for cannabis-induced psychosis, with 47.4% converting to either schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. All patient information was extracted by Copenhagen University Hospital, from the Danish Civil Registration System and the Psychiatric Central Research Register.

Combating compassion fatigue and burnout

Dr Mike Drummond of The Happy MD gives readers understanding of the pressures on doctors today that did not exist a decade ago.

Should older people turn to cannabis for pain relief?

Cannabis is linked with mental & physical health problems. Older people are also more likely to take medications – how these interact with cannabis is unknown. Likewise, the risk of cardiovascular problems can be increased using cannabis. Combined with other long-term conditions in

Centre for Public Appointments & ACMD

To complement its existing skills and knowledge, the ACMD is seeking 8 new members. The closing date for applications is 4 March.

Scotland’s drug deaths crisis

In a 15-minute video, Channel 4 looks at the major drugs plight of Dundee in Scotland, a city where the scale of drugs deaths is greater than anywhere in the UK, which in turn has by far the highest death rate

Drink price law “could lead addicts to drugs”

Welsh ministers are planning to set a minimum price for alcohol sales. But Richard Edwards of the Huggard Centre fears new policy “may simply change one addiction for another”. His remarks reinforce the need for demand reduction, not band-aid of

Should people with heart failure avoid alcohol?

Peer-reviewed evidence review by Caroline Golder in Nursing Times concludes that people with a diagnosis of alcoholic cardiomyopathy should be advised to abstain from alcohol completely.

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