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2 March 2021

Cannabis and CBD reproductive harm: label warning

US Proposition 65 warning requirements applicable to cannabis and CBD products have taken effect. Companies which manufacture, distribute or sell at retail THC products in California are now required to warn consumers that exposure to THC is known to cause

Consultation: changes in calculating alcohol-related mortality

Public Health England has opened a consultation to gather views on its proposed changes to the methods used to calculate and update attributable factors for alcohol-related mortality and hospital admissions. This consultation closes on 12 April.

Budget: why is public health in the hands of our Chancellor?

A new and crucial budget will be revealed tomorrow. The Alcohol Health Alliance UK has submitted evidence to the Treasury about the urgent need to increase alcohol duty to protect health.

Mental health support for Scotland’s nurses

The Workforce Specialist Service will support anyone who belongs to a regulated profession in health and social care in the country and will be delivered initially online and via telephone, Nursing Times reports.

Government obesity strategy “puts people with eating disorders at risk”

I am calling for an immediate review of the government ‘tackling obesity’ strategy. A key concern is its emphasis on individual choices, rather than acknowledging that obesity is complex and can be caused by multiple factors, including inequality, the environments

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