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18 November 2019

Smoking and recovery

Smoking and other addictions go hand in hand. In treatment populations, it’s usual to find that about 80-90% of clients are current smokers, compared to, for example, 16% of the Scottish population and 14% of US citizens. Dr David McCartney

Apple to ban vaping apps from its Store

Apple removed 181 vaping apps from its online store on Friday, following the lead of federal, state and local regulators, which in recent months cracked down on e-cigarette products.

MSP: “I have not done enough to help people dying from drugs”

“The Scottish Government has fixated on consumption rooms as if they are the only possible option, when there are successful rehabilitation and treatment services going under at this very moment because of a lack of support,” Annie Wells, MSP for

I have seen the damage cannabis does

“The idea that the drug is a benign, relaxing intoxicant is dangerously out-of-date,” psychiatric nurse Peter Hurst writes in UnHerd. “The evidence for a link between cannabis use and serious mental illness is clear, but the difficulty remains in conveying

Vaping is a dangerous trend “creating a new generation of nicotine addicts”

“More vaping stories have sparked up fears this week. We’re now hearing it could damage the brain, heart and blood vessels, and ­cardiologists are calling for a ban. Researchers say vaping is creating a new generation of nicotine addicts who’ve been

‘Reality was too frightening’

Martin Preston, founder of the £7million rehab and behavioural centre in Delamere, Cheshire, which opens in January, has shared his experience of rehab & recovery with the hope of helping others come forward and recognise their addiction problems.

Over 36,000 alcohol dependent people in NE but only 1 rehab still open

Freedom of Information requests by UKAT show that in 2013 there were 6 publicly-funded residential drug and alcohol rehab facilities across the North East, but only one rehab remains active.

Brits could be barred from the US for life if they smoke cannabis in legalised states

Possession of cannabis is illegal under federal law in the US even if some states legalised, decriminalised or approved its use as a medicine. So, according to Charlotte Slocombe at Fragomen, Britons caught consuming the drug in cannabis-approved states like

Social interaction could help treatment for addiction recovery

The University of Malaga in Spain “realized that most animals preferred spending more time in this social stimulus to exploring the context where they had received cocaine“. DB Recovery+ News conclusion: Science confirms Step 8 of the 12 steps.

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