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Ireland: treating record number of gambling addictions

The HSE revealed that the Irish healthcare system is treating record-high levels of gambling addiction. The 257 cases assessed and treated for gambling as a main problem in 2018 do not offer a complete picture, as reporting such treatment to

Mayo Clinic reviews CBD

A Mayo Clinic review of the latest research found that few clinical studies on the safety and efficacy of CBD have been reported, and more research involving humans is needed before health care providers can say if they’re helpful and safe.

Feds to revamp confidentiality rules for addiction treatment

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said the goal is to make it easier to share a patient’s drug treatment history with doctors treating that person for other problems, to void inadvertent prescribing. Crucially, a patient’s consent would still

E-cigarette firms probed over health concerns by US House panel

The US House Energy and Commerce Committee sent letters to Juul Labs Inc, Fontem Ventures, Japan Tobacco Inc and Reynolds American Inc, asking about the firms’ research and marketing practices. It also asked if Juul sent information to the FDA.  

Heavy drinking and HIV don’t mix

Heavy alcohol consumption (3 drinks or more/day for women and 4 drinks or more/day for men) is linked to alterations in immune function among people with HIV, Boston University School of Medicine found.

Vaping promotes the same cellular responses found in smokers with emphysema

University of North Carolina School of Medicine found that the lungs of vapers – like the lungs of smokers – have elevated levels of protease enzymes, known to cause emphysema in smokers. It also found that the nicotine in vaping liquids

Prescription size predicts persistent opioid use after cardiothoracic surgery

“We have notably found that the amount of opioids used by each patient during the 1-2 days prior to discharge should guide individualized, patient-centered opioid prescribing for postdischarge use,” University of Michigan researchers said.

A 12-step program for procrastination

“As a mental health professional who works with teens with ADHD, one of the biggest challenges I see is procrastination – and the more we do it, the more habitual and tough to break the procrastination habit becomes.” So Jason Thomas

Yale investigators awarded $11million for opioid addiction treatment

The purpose of the research is to improve opioid addiction treatment in criminal justice settings. The grant, totaling more than $11 million, supports a 5-year project period.

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