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UK drugs boss faces jail over opioid scandal

A day after quitting as CEO of London-listed Indivior, Shaun Thaxter pleaded guilty to a criminal charge related to sales of opioid addiction treatments. It followed a US Department of Justice probe which accuses Indivior of fraudulently marketing the drug

‘Promised funding for Northlands Addiction Centre of Excellence must be honoured’

Management at an addiction centre in Derry called on the government to honour commitments made in the New Decade, New Approach agreement to invest in the service.

A European drug prevention registry?

Charlotte De Kock of Belgium’s Ghent University describes the the European Xchange Prevention Registry which was officially established in 2017. EUSPR members support the Xchange registry with expertise.

“No one wants to give a significant contribution to an organization circling the drain”

The problem faced by many organizations, non-profit or for-profit, is not that they are going to run out of cash over the next couple of months, but they don’t have a recovery plan and sustainable business model for the next

Stay-at-home orders cause a spike in overdoses

The US is suffering thousands of additional overdose deaths due to the coronavirus lockdowns, if the data gathered by the Washington Post is correct. This is horrifying, but it shouldn’t be surprising.

Concerns swell that addiction could impact healthcare workers after pandemic

“People don’t expect what we’re seeing in the nursing profession,” says Deborah Koivula, eastern regional coordinator for Statewide Peer Assistance For Nurses. That’s addiction and overdose affecting the people who help us get better,” adds WRGB News.

Pod-based e-cigarettes efficiently addictive

Juul and similar pod-based e-cigarettes’ efficient delivery of nicotine can foster greater dependence than other types of e-cigarettes, according to a new study by Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health.

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