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Our ageing cohort of drug users

Earlier this month, the government’s independent Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs published a report on Our Ageing Cohort of Drug users. Russell Webster picks out the highlights.

A threadbare patchwork of support

Perhaps more than any area of healthcare, treatment for alcohol-related issues can involve myriad funders and providers. Will Haydock looks at how this network of provision is working, and lessons for other areas of health and social care.

SURE has been updated

SURE – Substance Use Recovery Evaluator – is a psychometrically valid, quick and easy-to-complete outcome measure, developed by King’s College London with unprecedented input from people in recovery.

1,426 people arrested for drink/ drug driving in NI this year

The Police Service of Northern Ireland announced the drink/drug driving figures as it launched its summer anti-driving campaign.

Ireland: why Christy Moore’s comments on drug laws were ill-advised

“The European Monitoring Centre For Drugs And Drug Addiction claims [the Poruguese model] failed to decrease the number of teenage heroin addicts… because it’s now much easier to buy cocaine or heroin in broad daylight on the high streets of

Johnson & Johnson faces $multibillion opioids lawsuit

Oklahoma’s attorney general, Mike Hunter, is suing Johnson & Johnson for $billions for its alleged part in driving addiction and overdoses in his state in the first full trial of a drug maker over the opioid epidemic.

Self-harm in repeat DUI offenders

DUI offenders, particularly those who have repeatedly offended, report elevated risk for many suicide risk factors – Cambridge Health Alliance and Harvard Medical School are the first to systematically study associations between repeat DUI and suicide.

Potent pot, vulnerable teens trigger concerns in 1st states to legalize marijuana

“Underage kids have unbelievable access to nuclear-strength weed,” a parent said as Washington and Colorado, the first states to legalize recreational marijuana, grapple with teenagers’ growing use of highly potent pot averaging 68% THC.

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