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Stoptober is almost here

The Office for Health Improvement Disparities, formerly Public Health England, offers resources to download such as leaflets, posters, guides and resource packs for stopping smoking in the coming Stoptober 2022 campaign.

Wearable technologies and overdose prevention

Dr Alexis Roth talks to the Society for the Study of Addiction about the UnityPhilly app and other technologies to prevent overdose, such as as the next steps in developing technology to identify an overdose and remotely administer naloxone.

WHO: turn down the flow of the alcohol tap

The World Health Organization European Region has the highest level of alcohol per capita consumption in the world and the highest proportion of drinkers per population. This 1.49-minute video overviews the European framework for action on alcohol 2022-2025 and policies

Luxembourg: reimbursement for psychotherapy

The Federation of Associations representing Psychotherapists in Luxembourg questioned the legality of a mediation between the National Health Fund and itself in negotiations for reimbursement of psychotherapy sessions. Psychotherapists will thud not attend the first mediation meeting tomorrow.

Nida releases its 2022-2026 Strategic Plan

NIDA’s 2022-2026 Strategic Plan has 5 priority scientific areas: Understand drugs, the brain and behavior; Develop and test prevention, treatment, harm reduction and recovery strategies; Research the intersection of substance use, HIV, related comorbidities; Implement evidence-based strategies in real-world settings and

RAND: Drug treatment admissions fell 24% in 2020 as overdoses surged

RAND looked at national substance use disorder treatment admissions 2017-2019 and compared those to the 1st year of the pandemic, 2020 – and found that admissions fell from 66 per 10,000 in 2019 to 50 per 100,000. The decline was

Counseling lowers 30-day hospital readmission in acute alcoholic pancreatitis

 Harvard Medical School, Duke University et al found that less than half of patients with alcohol-induced acute pancreatitis receive alcohol counseling – yet “patients receiving alcohol counseling were less likely to be readmitted at 30 days, inferring possible value in

What employers can do about opioids at work

Addressing the worsening opioid crisis is one of the greatest challenges of our times, with policymakers, employers, and health care delivery innovators having critical roles to play. Benefits Pro explores whether workplaces are equipped to handle the opioid problem.

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