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Why do so many women under 40 get breast cancer?

Stress has been ruled out as a cause of breast cancer – but stressed people are more likely to drink alcohol and smoke. Regular drinking can build up cancer-causing acetaldehyde in the body and increase some hormones, including oestrogen, which

Cannabis brain effects study struggles to attract black UK users

White people have come forward in large numbers to get involved in King’s College London’s £2.5million study of how cannabis could contribute to paranoia and psychosis in some users but not others. But attempts to recruit black and Asian people

The £3-a-hit drug sweeping UK universities

Ketamine – ‘Special K’ or ‘ket’ – is the ‘new ecstasy’ for students. Crucially, fit costs as little as £3 for a dose. “Ketamine gives an instant high and is used and abused on the party scene, particularly among the

Governor: how will opioid settlements be spent?

Kentucky governor Andy Beshear has “grave concerns” about how the Opioid Abatement Advisory Commission might spend the $millions of opioid settlements. “When we haven’t seen $10million going into treatment, spending $40million to support some company’s private patent for a drug

“These aren’t the drugs of yesteryear”

“Users operate in an ecosystem of acceptance that fentanyl is lurking everywhere.” The Irish Examiner‘s John Riordan reports from New York, where the city is struggling to get to grips with open drug use and the surge of fentanyl addiction:

Caring enough to count how we die from drugs

“It is well past the time to properly account for how else the millions of Americans like me die from substance use disorders. We fail them by not adding all the causes up and placing these losses where they would

Vaping “barbeques your lungs”

Dr Brian Boxer Wachler said vaping is more dangerous than smoking cigarettes: “Vape temperatures can be significantly hotter than cigarette smoke, so vape literally could be barbequing your lungs. [This could] explain why more younger people who vape need lung

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