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Thousands going to hospital multiple times because of alcohol issues

Across England, 6,724 patients were admitted to hospital 5 or more times due to drink-related conditions in 2017/18. This was up 28% from 5,247 in 2009/10, GloucestershireLive reports of NHS Digital figures.

Modernising the Mental Health Act – final report from the independent review

The Independent Review of the Mental Health Act 1983 has set out recommendations for government on how the Act and associated practice needs to change.

Glasgow’s alcohol court to deal with domestic abuse

Scotland’s first alcohol court is to be extended, a year on from its introduction in Glasgow.

2-question screen identifies adolescents for future alcohol use disorders

Investigators randomly selected 2,209 of the original 4,834 baseline study participants to complete 1-, 2- and 3 year follow-up surveys to determine the validity of the NIAAA screen in predicting future AUDs. The NIAAA 2-question screen showed high predictive validity

How domestic violence affects women’s mental health

Every week in Australia, a woman is murdered by someone she knows; and it’s usually an intimate male partner or ex-partner. 1 in 3 women has suffered physical violence since the age of 15; in 92% of the time it’s by a man she knows. 25% of

PayPal faces criticism for allowing problem gamblers to circumvent bank limits

PayPal is providing problem gamblers with the chance to spend up to £150,000 on a daily basis, raising concerns whether the international online payment system is used by gambling addicts as a way to easily avoid bank limits, CasinoGuardian writes (beware popup gambling

Study ties heart disease, diabetes to cannabis exposure in utero

Exposure to cannabis – specifically to THC – while in utero leads to heart defects and metabolic limitations likely to result in heart disease and diabetes later in life, according to University of Western Ontario.

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