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Covid-19 and people who use drugs: essential interventions

Many people fighting the Covid-19 pandemic do not get much public attention – including frontline workers who provide vital health services to people who use drugs. Every day, they stand up for a group of the most vulnerable people in

NAATP responds to ‘secret shopper’ survey

Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Weekly look at a “secret shopper” study criticizing residential treatment for ethical lapses, as well as NAATP’s response: “The biggest challenges to me in the article are (1) it doesn’t touch on quality of treatment, (2)

Big Pot tries to stop Patrick Kennedy becoming drug czar

Patrick J Kennedy, the former 8-term congressman, wants to be the next White House drug czar but the marijuana industry is against him, Bloomberg reveals. Kennedy, who is open about his drug abuse and recovery, is an advocate for people

Frustration is an additional factor of addiction

The University of Texas has pioneered a new way to study frustration as a factor in substance use disorders. Traditional addiction research focused on craving, impulsivity and habit.

Addressing overdoses, mental health and increased alcohol/drug use

Over 83,000 drug overdose deaths occurred in this past year in the US alone. The disruption of daily life due to Covid-19 has incurred loss of social connection and a rise in online media, as well as the rise in online

How is addiction treatment balancing the trauma of these times?

The phenomenon of George Floyd and devastation of Covid are testing addiction and recovery center leaders, who are responding with resilience in an unprecedented year of societal hardship, Jennifer Taylor writes.

Colorado: restrict potency of marijuana concentrates

A teen with a medical marijuana card can “loop purchase” enough watermelon-flavored concentrate to have his or her entire senior class high for a week, the Denver Post warns.

Body Brokers review

John Swab’s 3rd feature starts with an expletive-spattered prologue on how the Obamacare act’s obligation for healthcare providers to cover drug-abuse treatment created a market worth $12billion a year in south California alone. Swab then zeroes in on a user

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