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‘Non’ to Dry January in France, says Macron

President Emmanuel Macron declared himself against the health authorities organising France’s first Dry January campaign. His comment came after the health agency, Santé Publique France, stated its intention to stage such a campaign, modelled on the one taking place every

NAATP presents guidelines to Congress

The National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers delivered to all members of Congress its Addiction Treatment Provider Quality Assurance Guidebook: A Guide to the Core Competencies for the Delivery of Addiction Treatment Services. It sets forth, for the 1st time,

CDC: 2,172 vaping-linked lung illnesses

As of 13 November,  there were 2,172 confirmed and probable lung injury cases associated with use of e-cigarette, or vaping, products reported to the CDC – and 42 deaths were confirmed.

Car crashes in pot-legal states have soared

Colorado, Oregon, and Washington saw a combined 5.2% rise in police-reported crashes after legalizing recreational marijuana, compared with neighboring states where such sales are illegal, according to data compiled and analyzed for 2012-2016 by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

New AHA initiative targets vaping, nicotine addiction in youth

The American Heart Association unveiled a 3-pronged initiative focusing on new research, public advocacy and a youth activation campaign to combat nicotine addition and e-cigarette use in youth. It will commit $20million to fund research that focuses on understanding how

Universal Health Services writes down $147million on addiction treatment

Universal Health Services told investors that it wrote off $147million of the value of its Foundations Recovery Network LLC, which it had acquired in 2015 for $350million. UHS explained that payer control over treatment increased and fewer consumers are covered

Canadians injecting illicit drugs up 30%

The Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal found that 172,000 people in Canada injected drugs for non-medical purposes in 2016, up from an estimated 130,000 in 2011.

It’s time to treat e-cigarettes like cigarettes

Let’s be honest: The market for a product designed solely to reduce health risks of nicotine addiction would be small, and have limited growth potential. But the industry is booming. Juul, which makes e-cigarettes, had $2billion sales last year: its

“The Thai rehab clinic that saved my life”

“In his darkest days of alcohol and cocaine addiction, the 42-year-old, who is now sober after completing a 3-month program at the Aussie-run Lanna Rehab in Chiang Mai, Thailand, said he did things he’d never have done if not under

15 November 2019

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