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“I knew it was haram but I couldn’t stop”

In the Qu’ran, gambling is strictly forbidden – ‘haram’ – and in Muslim communities it’s seen as a social disease that destroys a person’s life and family. But it has been identified as “the addiction suffocating young Muslim men“, Manchester

1 in 5 UK mums drink more after having children

Supplement firm Myrkl polled 600 mothers in the UK and found that the struggles of parenting can drive them to drink.

UKAT: hard-up Brits are hooked on shoplifting

Staff at the UK Addiction Treatment Group have seen an “astronomical” rise in people seeking help with shoplifting addiction. The rehab and recovery group has averaged about 30 calls a week this year compared to 10 a month in 2022.

Netherlands re-investigates alcohol lock in cars

The Netherlands government is considering the reintroduction of an alcohol interlock to prevent the number of alcohol drivers on the road from rising further. Minister Mark Harbers (Infrastructure) is having studies conducted on this.

100s of dogs abused at California cannabis grows

A northern California sheriff is sounding the alarm on the abuse of 100s of dogs at illegal marijuana cultivation sites in his county. “It’s obvious that they’re malnourished,” he said. Alongside bones showing through their skin, they also have wounds.

Illegal opioids: we need a new approach

Rand Corp’s America’s Opioid Ecosystem chronicles the opioid problem and explores how policymakers should respond. It covers drug policy, substance use treatment, harm reduction, health care, public health, criminal legal system, child welfare and other social services, education, employment.

Overdoses fuel profits for the Sacklers

The Sackler family, widely blamed as a major initial driver of the opioid epidemic, still rakes in sales from overdoses. “You’re in the business of selling medicine that causes addiction and overdoses – and now you’re in the business of

CDC: 1 person killed every 45 minutes in alcohol-related crash

A new 4-year report from the CDC shows that 32 people in the US are killed every day in crashes involving an alcohol-impaired driver. That’s one death every 45 minutes.    

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