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12-Step meetings in the White House?

Is America ready to elect a recovering addict as president? How about one who wants to hold 12-step meetings in the White House? Robert F Kennedy Jr hopes to be that president. Thanks in large part to 40+ years of 12-step

NY: most stringent US protections for kids on social media

The bills are now signed into law. Legislation S.7694A/A.8148A establishes the SAFE For Kids Act restricting addictive social media feeds for minors. Legislation S.7695B/A.8149A enables the New York Child Data Protection Act to ban online sites from collecting personal data

Competitive athletes: risk factors for addiction

This 3-minute Healio Video Perspective from the American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting discusses addiction in competitive athletes and the distinct mental and physical demands that come with each sport.

Dirty secret of California’s legal weed

The Los Angeles Times and WeedWeek found “alarming” levels of pesticides in cannabis products on dispensary shelves: 25 of 42 legal cannabis products they bought from retail stores and had tested at private labs showed illegal concentrations of pesticides tied

Substance use experts sound the alarm on gambling

Since a 2018 Supreme Court ruling struck down a de facto ban on sports betting, roughly 3 dozen states have legalized wagering on sports: 29 states allow gamblers to place bets online. There is a growing unease among addiction-treatment providers

How can you safely stop antidepressants?

Many people get withdrawal symptoms when they try to stop antidepressants. So how can the 1 in 7 Australians who take antidepressants safety stop?  Professor Katharine Wallis of University of Queensland gives some excellent guidance on the research.

Work addiction: the link to sleep

Attention to work addiction risk is growing. Most recently, an international group of research institutions found significant positive relationships between work addiction risk and both stress at home and at work and negative relationships between work addiction risk and both

Genetic-based guidance reduces alcohol among young adults

Japan’s University of Tsukuba found that personalised guidance significantly reduced alcohol intake among young adults who habitually engage in excessive drinking. The intervention group received a session of alcohol-reduction instruction based on their individual genetic information related to alcohol metabolism.

20 June 2024

Scotland claims record treatment placements “approved”

The Scottish government claimed Record residential rehabilitation placements – but the report refers to places “approved” not if they actually took place. What are the names of the organisations referred to (to identify rehabs, prisons, detox, etc)? Eg: Ward 5

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