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Alcohol brands ‘should do more’ to cut chance of children seeing ads

The Advertising Standards Authority worked with Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube in a 1st-of-its-kind project to investigate how alcohol brands target their audiences – data covered over 2,000 alcohol campaigns.

Do dogs suffer stress in animal-assisted therapy?

The measure of stress used by Romania’s University of Agricultural Sciences & Veterinary Medicine used was cortisol concentration in the dogs. Canine coroner Stanley Coren PhD, DSc, FRSC summarises its conclusion that the therapy dogs cope well.

Biden‘s HHS rolls out opioid overdose prevention plan

The Department of Health and Human Services yesterday unveiled a 4-pronged strategy to combat rising opioid addiction numbers: more harm reduction; prevention of addiction inc reducing prescribing of opioids; expanding MAT; and improving support for people recovering from substance use

Vital treatment leadership in the pandemic and beyond

“Our role at the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers is to provide the field with resources, convene the field for education, training and collaboration, promote our members as quality operators, produce collective public policy advocacy, and develop and sustain

IBH priorities in action

Robert DuPont’s non-profit Institute for Behavior and Health identifies and promotes big new ideas to reduce illicit drug use. It describes the progress made throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

An opiate-free, non-addictive pain killer

The State University of New York wants to stop the protein sending pain messages to the brain. It shares research in Inhibiting Endocytosis in CGRP+ Nociceptors Attenuates Inflammatory Pain-Like Behavior.

Covid and waiting lists for alcoholic-hepatitis liver transplants

University of Michigan examined national changes in waiting list registration and liver transplantation for ALD and the link with alcohol sales during the Covid-19 pandemic, finding that waits increased significantly.

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