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How has the pandemic influenced substance use among young people?

RCPCH’s Our State of Child Health report confirmed that young people who experiment with alcohol, drugs and tobacco earlier in life are more likely to maintain these habits into their adult lives than those who choose to experiment later on.

Man accused in £9million cocaine and heroin gang

Behnam Tomas Tavakoli-Juibari is accused of being part of a group which supplied hundreds of kilos of Class A drugs in England, Wales and Scotland. See also: Jail for men who imported cocaine into Jersey.

The rising chemsex response in Europe

As well as the role of technology and prevalence of group settings, chemsex is distinguished from other sexualized drug use by loneliness in a gay-specific culture of rejection, and by the trauma experienced by many gay men from the Aids

DrugNet Europe: latest updates

EMCDDA articles include Concerns over risky cannabis use and new addictive behaviours, Methamphetamine industry in Afghanistan, Voices social media campaign and more.

Psychological impact of Covid-19 on you

The mission of the Hospital, Healthcare and Addiction Workers, Patients and Families working group of the Covid-19 Psychology Task Force is to reduce and, when possible, prevent Covid-related psychological trauma and to facilitate resiliency and even post-traumatic growth.

Covid takes toll on finances & mental health of services

2/3rds of addiction treatment providers say they lost revenue and almost half report a rise in observed staff burnout as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a recent survey by the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers.

Rutgers Addiction Science: call for Postdoctoral applicants

Rutgers University Molecular Neuroscience of Alcohol & Drug Abuse Research Training program invites applications for NIAAA-funded T32 postdoctoral fellowships related to alcohol and drug abuse research.

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