Nancy Pelosi, Big Pot and clash of interests

As politician Nancy Pelosi pushes through Big Pot favours inserted into Covid legislation, Kevin Sabet in the New York Post disproves her disinformation about marijuana benefits/harms and AALM reveals that her son, Paul Pelosi Jr, is chairman of the board for Freedom Leaf Inc, a marijuana legalization company.

THE FOLLOWING IS FROM AALM, Americans Against Legalizing Marijuana…

Nancy Pelosi touted marijuana’s alleged therapeutic properties as reason enough to stuff handouts to the multi-billion dollar marijuana industry into a COVID-19 relief bill. Such poor logic would seem strange until you realize her son Paul Pelosi Jr. is chairman of the board for Freedom Leaf, Inc., The Marijuana Legalization Company.

More and more politicians are discovered to have direct ties to the marijuana industry, have received bribes, or become prominent members of marijuana businesses after their political position. John Boehner who was a former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives has since become a prominent marijuana industry lobbyist. Taking a corporate pot position after retirement from the government appears to be becoming more and more common. Is such a position waiting for Speaker Pelosi as well?

Such deals and favors aren’t only seen in DC but throughout the country.

This corruption problem is so widespread that the FBI made a statement requesting help in catching bad actors.

“Blatant connections between the novel marijuana industry and politicians harkens back to the heyday of big tobacco and many of marijuana corporate and industry lobbying strategies are similar.”
-Scott Chipman, VP of AALM

“Connections between politicians and the marijuana industry should give everyone pause and make any suggestions and decisions they make related to marijuana suspect.” 
-Carla Lowe, President of AALM

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