Comments on the 10-year drug strategy

As we reported earlier, the government’s From Harm to Hope, a 10-year Drug Strategy aims to cut crime and save lives by reducing the supply and demand for drugs and delivering a high-quality treatment and recovery system. We collated 25 responses from the media and field.

Read the Hansard transcript of Kit Malthouse’s House of Commons statement on the government’s 10-year strategy for addressing illicit drug use which aims to reduce use to a 30-year low, under his responsibility.

Watch the statement in the House of Lords on the government’s 10-year drugs strategy, 9 December.


“The new drug strategy may not be as bad as it looks. Hiding behind this tough talk there is hope of new funding for vital public health measures,” writes Alex Stevens of University of Kent.

Drugs plan aims to help 300,000 problem drug users, the BBC sums up.

Being soft on drugs has failed, it’s time to get nasty – Express

RCPsych responds to new ten year Drug Strategy

Risk of death from drugs up 55% since 2010 due to government cuts – Guardian on university research

The 2021 Drugs Plan Sets Out To Break Drug Supply Chains
In my summary of the government’s new 10 year drugs plan, I promised a short series of posts looking into the details. First is tackling drug-related crime – Russell Webster

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Eddie Hughes MP, Minister for Rough Sleeping and Housing

Tough words and shifting sands – Labour List

We welcome long-term Drug Strategy that signals a new era for treatment – Change Grow Live

The 10-Year Drug Strategy: A Joint Statement – NHS Alcohol Providers Association

How will the Government’s new Drugs Strategy help LGBT people? – London Friend

Humankind welcomes long overdue investment into drug treatment services

WDP responds to the government’s new drug strategy

The new government drug strategy: a moment of recovery? – Forward Trust, UK

Society for the Study of Addiction notes: the 2021 UK drugs strategy

Government drugs strategy is flawed, says Children’s Society

Response to the Government’s 2021 Drug Strategy – Phoenix Futures