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Participants wanted for Quit by Phone study

The Quit by Phone Study by the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre at UNSW Sydney will look at different types of telephone-based behavioural quit support services to determine which is the most effective and cost-effective at helping low-income smokers

8 December 2022

Genetic risk of smoking and alcohol use examined

In an enormous study by researchers across the world of almost 3.4million people from 4 ancestries, variants of over 2,000 genomic regions were associated with tobacco smoking and alcohol use. Genetic variants that contribute to these behaviours were identified. See

How trauma changes the brain

A group of research organisations identified changes in the salience network – a mechanism in the brain for learning and survival – in people exposed to trauma (with and without psychopathologies). Researchers found another difference in the trauma-exposed resilient group,

1st TV peek inside an AA meeting

BBC Two is exploring a hidden arena, with I’m an Alcoholic: Inside Recovery, which promises “unprecedented access” to an AA meeting. The issue with making a documentary about Alcoholics Anonymous is obvious from its name, but this has found a workaround

Parliamentary debates: health inequalities

During a parliamentary debate, under-secretary for Health & Social Care Neil O’Brien stated that “The £3billion we are investing in the drugs strategy will create an extra 50,000 places in drug treatment. We have doubled the duty on cigarettes since

Minister Paul Scully’s speech at GambleAware conference

The gambling minister spoke ahead of the forthcoming Gambling Act Review. “In my first weeks, I have made it a priority to meet a very broad range of people, including clinicians, parliamentary groups, charities, the gambling industry and people with

Prescriptions rising for anxiety drug linked to 1 in 10 drug deaths in England

Pregabalin is a prescription drug used to treat epilepsy, chronic pain and anxiety – but can also cause dependency, addiction, and raises the risk of overdosing on other substances. This 6-minute Channel 4 video reveals that the number of patients

Why mourning a pet can be harder than grieving for a person

Being unable to grieve is intrinsic to addiction and a potential trigger for relapse. Sam Carr of University of Bath gives credence to people mourning the loss of a pet so they can be supported without feeling disenfranchised. Some aspects

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